Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm releasing T3ETH's first ever thing to go on proper release ever.
It's a 10 track ALBUM. kind of.
featuring total hacker anthems such as "DORKS" and "DEAD BOYS" .

Here's Teeth live at the old warehouse -

and i do not care if i've posted this vid before (i think i have) because this show fucking S L A Y E D

T ∑ ∑ T H have been busy touring with e&e, making beatiful music with super-projuicer Rory Brattwell, and destroying the lives and reputations of Will Self and Lady GaGa.

'Jammers...' is a retrospective of early recordings, live tracks and practice jams.
The cassette is to be released early March, but you can pay me for it now if you like and i'll send it to you as soon as i do 'em.


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