Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cravin' Wine/ Light Asylum

i am desperate for a glass of red wine. and have been since 11 am. i would really enjoy it. every last drop. I have to go to tesco.
It's 2010, and I love Light Asylum

in sep '09 i went to new york and under the advisement of my homegirl Sister Mantos saw the incredible LIGHT ASYLUM at some pseudo-goth dive. think leather dungeon meets old blue last.
I saw them, and now I know what going to church is like for the evangelical. But of course, i've never been to church, and can only imagine it to be exactly as you see it on youtube? with loads of flamboyantly dressed people gyrating all over the pulpit and some hevvy old-skool rave soundtrack pumping out over the buck-wild congregation. Yeah i felt like that... and also the church is haunted by the ghost of Stevie Nicks and she's crying tears that explode into amethyst as they hit the gospel choir.
Some genius has put up a song from that gig on youtube. =

Light Asylum on myspace


happy new year and that xo xo

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