Thursday, July 14, 2011


what an exciting day!
finally two songs i've been in love with for about two years are out there in the world!

the first is Veronica Fall's 'Come On Over'. A song I first heard when VF performed at the club MÏLK & These People Are Squares all dayer in Herne Hill way back in August 2009. Despite only managing to record the last half of the song on my digital camera it was enough to get me hooked. I even tried to learn the guitar parts by ear, despite not knowing how to play the guitar, AND NOW IT'S HERE in video and as a FREE DOWNLOAD via pitchfork (link below).
I heard today that the promo of the album is getting considerably rinsed by Rough Trade and will probably be in the running for album of the year (Out September 20th via Slumberland!). It really couldn't be anything but, could it? Gush Gush Gush. Listen / watch. this is the best song of the year, three years running;

DOWNLOAD: Come On Over


NEXT up in the best day that youtube has ever had in it's history is the video for 'CARE BEAR' by TEETH!!!. This has been a personal favourite of mine for years, i was adament I wanted to release this song. It's a hit. It's the neu pop. Moshi Moshi got that honour AND will be releasing TEETH!!!'s much anticipated debut LP (September 19th!! what an amazing couple of days that will be!)
Lots of top drawer moves happening in this video, special guest appearances galore!

Care Bear is out on 7" and digital download July 25th.