Friday, October 8, 2010

Roseanne Barrr will play new songs [download]

R.B. have been shredding hearts across the capital long enough now to know how to play their instruments/shout their vox with the right amount of bravado, gusto and wit(o) to deliver maximum emotional thrill. You'd rather watch Roe Bee than Party Of Five complete second season DVD boxset, anyday... but god willing, if the Victoria Mile End have a projector, you won't have to choose!!
They play for club MïLK at that aforementioned awesome pub this Saturday!

their sensational debut album 'Dumb Broad' is out now via Hex Out Tapes, but almost SOLD OUT be sure to grab one, before you have to curse yourself for missing a milestone of music in audio format soon to be obsolete, replaced with visio-sound (post-digital), right?

Michal Local Kid made a video of the special release party we held at PureGroove London some time ago, to celebrate the CHAPS 'we're so skatebored' (MïLK 001!!) and Roseanne Barrr 'dumb broad' (H.O.T.) cassettes simultaneous releases!

Chaps + Roseanne Barrr • live in London 2009

They will be playing some NEW SONGS this Saturday along with a medley of classics.
They once wrote a song about the people in the room below their practice space holding Warhammer tournaments (or whatever they're called... Engagements?) Games Workshop style, you know? '...pushing your men around'

Get some mp4 heat here:

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