Sunday, July 18, 2010


Fabulosa Fest
This is happening in CA, USA right now! I wish my band were playing, or that I could be attending. even just to be there for the "closing blessings".

"The FABULOSA Collective creates fund-raising parties where diverse groups of women and friends come together to celebrate Women-centered arts and raise money for LGBTQ-oriented causes. Fabulosa Fest is an inclusive feminist gathering for women, their families and friends of all genders."

Run by Jenny Hoyston, Judea Eden and Dawn Huston. All proceeds are donated to charity. Looks pretty fucking fabulous. embracing my inner goddess so hard right now.


at the end of the month is another festival i tried in vain to get my band on! not bitter.

Copenhagen Queerfestival

"We want people to feel that they can let their hair down (or cut it all off)"

"why have a sex party?"
Because Rae Spoon is playing it. Maybe.


We're playing YES WAY anyway, at least we can get there on the bus.

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