Friday, April 23, 2010



So the MILK cassette releases have been flying off the shelves, and by shelves i mean my bedside table drawers.

The latest comes from the Glasgow based powerhouses ULTIMATE THRUSH and DIVORCE.
these are two of the most killer live acts in the world right now. you have to see them play. either. BOTH. luckily they tend to play on the same bill quite a lot. I looked on youtube for some footage, but don't even bother, just go and see them if you ever get the chance. Yeah and BUY THIS TAPE!

Ultimate Thrush have this power-insanity thing, where it can seem out of control and like a... volcano... but then you catch the sound of riff and look over and Ollie's just groovin like he's in Lonnie Donnegan's skiffle group. My God, they just get better the more you see them, by now i can only assume they're like... fucking... reaaaally good!

And Divorce slay. They slay like Buffy. they kill it. they kill your preconceived notions of punk... of noise, which now you realize were just ludicrous. no. the dial doesn't stop at 10. it stops at DIVORCE.

So now you totally want to buy the tape? well I sold out of them days ago. You can't get one from me, but you can get it from -------->

DIVORCE'S big cartel


or if you happen to be in Japan - ESCALATOR records

Or like i've been shoving down your throats you could GO AND SEE THEM PLAY AND BUY A TAPE FROM THEIR SWEATY POST SHOW HANDS!


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