Monday, May 25, 2009

a weekend wasted...

is never a wasted weekend. i had a great time round a park at the back of the war memorial place, apparently where that princess diana commemorative walk thing is. so much nature, and MANDARIN DUCKS!!

i didnt take any pictures myself, but this is what they look like but less showy than this duck. he is obv. a pro. which reminds me. i am very cynical. when i was watching the geese amble past the moorhens, the (dozens of) squirrels frolic about the blossoming hedgerows in the dappled sunlight of a balmy summer afternoon i was suddenly struck by how much real life can be akin to a Disney film. and then I thoughtno. No, real life is not ever akin to a Disney film, this must all be staged, someone has contrived to make these animals scamper about in a joyful manner to lure tourists here to increase ice cream sales. 99s are already £1.99. they will stop at nothing.


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